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Pooch Pentathlon

September 20, 2020, 1 PM - 3 PM

Is your pooch in training for the Pooch Pentathlon?

Watch a video from the Pooch Pentathlon.


Here is a chance for man’s best friend to show off in a multi-event known as the Davis Family YMCA Pooch Pentathlon. With five events to compete in, your canine is sure to find at least one that suits him. Awards will be presented to the Top Dog in each event for each division.

The event takes place at the Outdoor Pool, Sunday, September 13, from 1 to 3 pm. To see our full brochure, click HERE.


LEAP DOG - Each dog will have at least two attempts to jump the farthest distance into the pool. The distance is measured from the edge of the pool to the point of entry into the water.

FETCH - The dog is to jump into the pool, retrieve owner’s choice of toy and return to owner in the shortest amount of time.

DOGGIE PADDLE - Each dog will attempt to swim a given distance in the shortest amount of time.

TREASURE DIVE - The goal is to retrieve an object underwater in the shortest amount of time.

OBSTACLE COURSE - Owners will attempt to lead their dog through an obstacle course on land consisting of cones, hoops and hurdles in the shortest amount of time.


SMALL: Dogs under 12”
MEDIUM: Dogs 12”-18”
LARGE: Dogs over 18”

Small & Medium dogs compete from 1:00-1:45 pm; Large dogs compete from 2:00-2:45 pm.


Registration is $5 per pooch and includes a special “doggie bag” of goodies for the first 75 dogs registered. The fee increases to $10 per pooch after September 16. Those registered by September 16 also receive a commemorative certificate.

When registering, please give us the name(s) of your dog(s). Dogs can compete in one or more of the events. (Any pentathletes out there? Raise your paw!) Sign up for specific events on deck the day of the competition.

Registration can be done at the Davis Family YMCA Service Desk or online. If you register online, please register under YOUR name, not your dog’s.

Click HERE to register online.


Dogs without proof of rabies vaccinations will not be permitted on the grounds. Please be sure to bring this on the day of the event.